Only in Finland

What makes the Soomaa tourist region unique? What is special and unique here that you can't find elsewhere?

The fifth season

A unique natural phenomenon that occurs as a result of the flooding of the rivers of Soomaa and offers the opportunity to take part in an experience of canoeing along the river or even in the forest. Due to climate change, high tides have also been occurring in winter lately, creating a giant slick field in Finland reminiscent of the Arctic polar regions. Depending on the weather, local hiking operators in the floodplain invite you on either a pushcart or canoe trip.

Soomaa haabjas

Thanks to the annual floods, the practice of building and using a one-wood pot, or haabja, has been preserved in Soomaa from ancient times to the present day. 2021. In 2007, this tradition, which is typical of the Soomaa region, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the tradition of the falconry tradition and, by prior arrangement, to try a ride on a falcon.

Sookoncert on the moor island

The biggest attraction of the annual Suure-Jaani Music Festival in Viljandi County is the sunrise concert at 3am on Midsummer Saturday night on the Hüpassaare marsh island. Even if you don't have a concert scheduled, it's still worth visiting Hüpassaare at sunrise and sunset, as the circular trail is one of the most picturesque in Soomaa. Culture-loving visitors will also be interested in the house museum of the composer Mart Saare, located in the same building.

Estonia's largest alpaca farm

The Alpaca Farm in Are, Pärnu County, is home to almost 200 animals, including alpacas, llamas, guanacos, goats, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs. The Alpaca Farm is open to visitors all year round, so be sure to check the rules before visiting the animals.

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