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Soomaa is a destination worth exploring for both domestic tourists and international guests. Its greatest assets are its magnificent nature and authentic local life.

It's worth spending several days in Soomaa. Here are some accommodations suitable for groups:

The main attraction is undoubtedly Soomaa National Park, one of the pearls of Estonian nature, which is worth visiting in all five seasons. The most famous is Soomaa's high water season, also known as the "fifth season," but Soomaa offers a natural experience throughout the year. Comfortable boardwalks lead to several bogs, hiking trails are adorned with observation towers and resting places. In addition to hiking, depending on the season, you can explore Soomaa by canoe or SUP board, traditional dugout canoe or kick sled, bicycles, or snowshoes - here you will find an overview of various excursions.

In addition to enjoying nature, the entire Soomaa tourism area offers a joy of discovery. Culture enthusiasts are invited to explore manor houses, museums, and churches; food enthusiasts can visit open farms and hospitable small producers; you can observe animals and participate in various workshops... Most importantly, everything offered is authentic - visitors to the Soomaa region can experience local life.

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