The smell of apples and cultural history at Piesta Kuusikaru Farm in Vändra forest in Pärnu County

Modern farm production and rich cultural heritage are combined at Piesta Kuusikaru Farm in Vändra forest in Pärnu County. The local family restored the farm that belonged to their entrepreneurial ancestors and they now welcome guests and showcase their small production: from making juice to creating a brand.
During the tour, we will explore the apple garden and apple house, where Piesta apple products are made (guests can also try them out). We will also tell exciting stories about the history of the farm – including stories about Papa Jannsen, Juhan Liiv, and Joosep Toots.
Visiting the farm (which is nearly 150 years old) during the ESTONIA 100 anniversary year is a perfect way to revisit the story of the formation of the Estonian nation.

The oldest horse farm in Estonia, founded in 1856, is located in Tori, where Estonian and Tori horses are raised and bred to this day. In 2021, a museum with the exhibition "Tori's Attic" was opened in the renovated stables.

During the tour we will visit the museum, where we will get an overview of the history of horse breeding and the life of the locals, spiced with mystical events throughout the centuries. We then take a look at the horse stable and get to know the horses while taking a walk around the grounds.

Levikivi is located near the protected area of ​​Soomaa National Park. The key to which we firmly hold here is pure nature and a sustainable way of life, the continuation of traditions and the preservation of heritage culture.
We invite you to see what can be made from Estonian natural stone and how to use natural stone so that there is no production waste.
Visitors of the Tori and Soomaa region can enjoy a pleasant few hours touring our stonemasonry workshop if booked in advance.
We offer a coffee break for tour visitors and the craft shop is open to all.

The expanded dugout boat has been an irreplaceable means of transport for locals who would not have been able to move otherwise during the floods that happen in the Soomaa area during the fifth season. Today, the historical boat has largely been replaced by cheaper canoes and boats, but some masters still teach the art of building them in the old style.Building an expanded dugout boat is brought to life at Saarisoo Farm in Soomaa. The 2–3-hour programme under the guidance of Aivar Ruukel includes an introduction to theoretical and practical elements of constructing such a boat. We will also go on a ride on the Navesti River.

Soomaa Turism MTÜ ühendab Soomaa turismipiirkonnas tegutsevaid ettevõtteid.

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