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In winter, when the rivers and water meadows of Soomaa have frozen over and the weather conditions are favourable, you are welcome to try riding on a kicksled!

The Finnish sleds or kicksleds make it fun to hike on frozen flood areas or forest roads. When planning the route of the hike, we will take into consideration your wishes, experiences, and the weather conditions.

The sled hike will last for two or three hours and is also suitable for children!

In the Riisa village in Soomaa,  the time of early spring floods is known as the fifth season. During that time, there isn't enough room in the river basins of the Halliste and Raudna rivers and their tributaries due the water from the melting snow. As a result, it inundates the floodplain meadows and even the floodplain forests. This is an interesting time, the beginning of the water hiking season when you can go about canoeing in the forest. The biggest floods are during late March and early April.
We organise regular canoeing trips every day in the forests, meadows, and rivers of Soomaa during the flood period. You can join the guided group at a certain times every day.

Time moves differently on the river...
Come and see where the Navesti and Pärnu rivers meet. Enjoy a canoe trip on your own to the picturesque Tori Hell or even go to the site of Estonia's oldest human settlement, Pulli, to take a picture with an ancient dog.
If you're not partial to undertaking a long journey, there's the opportunity to come to shore at Levikivi after Levi's old mill dam.
Put up a tent, spend the night in your motorhome or in our summer camping house, have a barbecue, fish, swim in the river or just relax on the edge of Soomaa. Levikivi farm has something to do for both young and old.
The offer includes two canoes, paddles, life jackets and transport.

In winter, when the rivers and water meadows of Soomaa have frozen over and the weather conditions are favourable, you are welcome to try riding on a kicksled!

When planning the route of kicksled trip, we will take into consideration the client's wishes, our experiences, the weather conditions, and restrictions applicable in the Soomaa National Park.

The price includes kicksled rental, tour guide services, and snowshoes to put on your feet.

Paddling a canoe on a river is one of the best ways to get to know the nature of Soomaa National Park and naturally, it is a lovely way to relax.
We recommend a guided canoe trip for those people who wish to know more about Soomaa National Park.
The day tour usually lasts 3–6 hours and includes, if you wish, a walk in the bog.
The price includes: a spot in a canoe, a paddle, a life jacket, a guide, and transport of the drivers to the starting point of the trip.
You can join us on a canoe trip alone or with a large group of friends.
The price applies for one person and depends on the number of participants:
1 person – 120€
2 persons – 80€
3-4 persons – 60€
5-6 persons – 50€
7-9 persons – 40€
10+ persons – 30 euros

In cooperation with the Farm Museum of C. R. Jakobson, we offer a possibility to spend a fun day that includes:
* 2-hour canoe trip on the Pärnu River;
* lunch in the threshing barn of the Farm Museum (soup, barley-bread, cake, juice).

The river is generally quiet in this area. The route passes ruins of watermills, beaver trails and the old Samliku School House, which you can visit on request. For an additional fee, a tour guide will join your company on the river.
The offer is well suited for larger groups, families and groups of friends.

Samliku Matkamaja arranges canoeing trips on Pärnu River.
We are located 25 km downstream from Türi and 60 km upstream from Pärnu in the former Samliku school house. Situated next to the river, it makes a great start and end point for canoe trips and an ideal place to bed down for the night during trips lasting several days.
You can camp here as well as swim, fish and have barbecues.

Soomaa offers good and diverse opportunities for canoeing with its multitude of rivers. Before the cold arrives and the rivers are coated with ice, you can enjoy the autumn colours and tranquillity while drifting on the calm rivers of Soomaa. You will choose the length of the trip and thus also how much time it will take. You can also take breaks to stretch your legs and breath together with nature. If you are lucky, you will also meet animals during the hike!
You can book a sauna after the hike for extra fee!

Popular canoe trips take place on the picturesque and quiet rivers of Raudna, Halliste or Lemmjõgi. The duration of the trip depends on the complexity of the trip and the river conditions during different seasons.

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