The smell of apples and cultural history at Piesta Kuusikaru Farm in Vändra forest in Pärnu County

Modern farm production and rich cultural heritage are combined at Piesta Kuusikaru Farm in Vändra forest in Pärnu County. The local family restored the farm that belonged to their entrepreneurial ancestors and they now welcome guests and showcase their small production: from making juice to creating a brand.
During the tour, we will explore the apple garden and apple house, where Piesta apple products are made (guests can also try them out). We will also tell exciting stories about the history of the farm – including stories about Papa Jannsen, Juhan Liiv, and Joosep Toots.
Visiting the farm (which is nearly 150 years old) during the ESTONIA 100 anniversary year is a perfect way to revisit the story of the formation of the Estonian nation.


  • Russian
  • German
  • Finnish
  • Estonian
  • English
  • Minimum number of participants: 4
  • Maximum number of participants: 20
  • Duration (hours): 2
  • On foot
Soomaa Turism MTÜ ühendab Soomaa turismipiirkonnas tegutsevaid ettevõtteid.

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